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Exam A
What does the following IOS configuration on the Catalyst 2950 accomplish? Switch(config)# wrr-queue bandwidth 10 20 70 1 Switch(config)# no wrr-queue cos-map Switch(config)# wrr-queue cos-map 1 0 1 Switch(config)# wrr-queue cos-map 2 2 4 Switch(config)# wrr-queue cos-map 3 3 6 7 Switch(config)# wrr-queue cos-map 4 5
A. It enables frames with a CoS 0 or CoS 1 marking to be serviced by WRR (Weight Round Robin) queuing with a weighting value of 1.
B. It enables frames with a CoS 5 marking to be serviced by the expedite queue.
C. It guarantees 10% of the link bandwidth to Queue 1 and 20% to queue 2 and 70% to queue 3. Queue 4 is not used.
D. It sets up the CoS-to-DSCP mappings and DSCP-to-CoS mappings.
E. It sets up the WRR queuing where frames with a CoS of 3 or 6 or 7 will have the highest priority.
Correct Answer: B
What VLAN trunk protocol has these characteristics?
-26 byte header and a 4 byte frame check sum

Supports a maximum of 1024 VLANs

Supports a single instance of spanning tree per-VLAN





Correct Answer: A
What spanning-tree protocol timer determines how often the root bridge sends configuration BDPUs?
A. STP Timer
B. Hold Timer
C. Hello Timer
D. Max Age Timer
E. Forward Delay Timer
Correct Answer: C

What statement is true about port security?
A. Port security can be configured on a trunk port.
B. Port security can be configured on a SPAN destination port
C. If a security violation occurs, the Link LED for that port turns orange, and a link-down trap is sent to the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) manager.
D. Port security can be configured on a SPAN source port.
E. When you enable port security on a port, any static or dynamic CAM entries associated with the port are treated as secure.
Correct Answer: C
A workstation has been connected to a workgroup Ethernet switch using a Category 5e cable. The workstation can connect to the rest of the network through the switch (i.e. has full connectivity), but is suffering from much slower than expected performance. Looking at the interface statistics on the switch, many “runts” are being detected. Using software to read the counters on the workstation NIC, many FCS and alignment errors are occurring. What is the most likely cause of these errors?
A. Bad Network Interface Card on the workstation
B. Bad cable between the workstation and the switch
C. Port has erroneously been configured as an 802.1q trunk port
D. Mismatched speed settings between the workstation and the switch
E. Mismatched duplex settings between the workstation and the switch
Correct Answer: E
Click the Exhibit button.
If all switches run the same type of spanning tree, what is the total number of spanning tree topology changes that occurred in this network?

A. 7
B. 35
C. Not possible to tell – only the root bridge tracks the complete amount of topology changes
D. 0
Correct Answer: A
The VTP mode should be set to what mode before configuring extended-range VLANs (VLAN IDs 1006 to 4094)?
A. Client
B. Server
C. Transparent
D. Client or Server
E. Client or Transparent
F. Server or Transparent
Correct Answer: C
Click the Exhibit button.
In the shown diagram, Switch A is the Root of Spanning Tree. If there is a Unidirectional link failure between switches A and C, and Switch C stops receiving BPDUs from Switch A, it will transition its blocked port to the forwarding state and we can have a Spanning Tree loop. What feature can we use to prevent this from happening?

A. Portfast
B. Portfast BPDU guard
D. Portfast BPDU filter
E. Loopguard
Correct Answer: CE
A switch is running rapid spanning tree protocol. Upon a topology change, what happens to dynamic entries in the L2 forwarding table?
A. All entries are removed (purged)
B. Aging timer it set to 15 seconds, so idle entries age out
C. Only entries behind port where TC was received are removed
D. All entries are removed except for entries behind edge ports
E. All entries are removed except for those behind edge ports and the port where TC was received
Correct Answer: E
Troubleshooting STP convergence errors reveals that a switched network has multiple bridging loops. What Cisco IOS switching feature, when improperly implemented, is most likely the cause of these errors?
A. Port Fast
B. Uplink Fast
C. Backbone Fast
D. Dot1q Trunking
E. Fast EtherChannel
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 11

On a bridge running rapid spanning tree protocol, which port will send BPDU with the ‘proposal’ flag:
A. Designated port in forwarding state
B. Designated port in non-forwarding state
C. Root port in forwarding state
D. Root port in blocking state
E. Alternate port
Correct Answer: B