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Exam A
As a Network Engineer in an iternationai corporation, you are familliar with the Cisco products, services and solutions. Which of the following statement describes one of the charactersties of the Cisco validated Design (CVD) architectural selling approach?
A. This approach does rot support verticalization although It is aligned to partner programs.
B. This approach integrates solutions by combining technologies that are aligned to customer buying patterns.
C. This approach is not aligned to partner programs although it supports verticalization.
D. This approach separates technologies on the basiss of customer buying patterns.

Correct Answer: B
As a Cisco Network Engineer, you have to master the knowledge of the Cisco validated Design (CVD) program. Which three of the following descriptions are appropriate about the CVD program? (Choose three.)
A. It incorporates a narrow range of technologies and products.
B. It facilitates faster and more reliable customer deployments.
C. It extends the value of designs through a sustained development plan.
D. It incorporates products and technologies into enterprise, service provider, and commercial systems.

Correct Answer: BCD
As a Cisco Network Engineer, you have to master the knowledge of the Cisco validated Design program. Which two of the following descriptions correctly identify its features? (Choose two.)
A. It strives to protect access to design documentation.
B. It facilitates customer deployments that are more predictable.
C. It facilitates customer deployments that are less reliable.
D. It incorporates products and technologies into a broad portfolio.

Correct Answer: BD
Compare the features of the Cisco PIN architecture and Cisco validated Designs. Which two of the following statements are making sense? (Choose two.)
A. Cisco validated Designs can be implemented quickly without customer input.
B. Cisco is focusing on the PIN architecture as a means to driving integrated networks.
C. The Cisco PIN architecture is a critical mechanism for supporting integrated markets because it can be implemented quickly.
D. The Cisco validated Designs program provides critical mechanisms for supporting integrated markets because the mechanisms can be implemented quickly.

Correct Answer: BD
As a Network Engineer, you decide to apply Cisco enterprise solution throughout the CIS network. What are the two advantages? (Choose two.)
A. cost savings
B. product variety
C. well-tested interoperability
D. regular upgrade process

Correct Answer: AC
As an experienced technician, you are responsible for Technical Support in your company. You ask one of the trainees to document the layers of an existing CIS network. Which three statements best characterize this process? (Choose three.)
A. It provides reliable input for verifying network consistency.
B. It requires a network audit to support some upgrade decisions.
C. It requires a network audit to support any network restructuring.
D. It begins with gathering organizational input that may be inaccurate.

Correct Answer: ACD
When HSRP is configured on a network, which two of these items are provided, which are shared between the routers that run HSRP ? (choose two)
A. Shared single interface
B. IP Address
C. TCP-based hello packets
D. MAC address

Correct Answer: BD
You are operating a multi-vendor network and are considering adding redundancy at the access level. Which routing redundancy solution should you implement?
A. Both Gateway Load Balancing Protocol and Hot Standby Router Protocol
B. Gateway Load Balancing Protocol
C. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol
D. Hot Standby Router Protocol

Correct Answer: C
Which tool allows a LAN client to determine which router should be the first hop to a particular remote destination, allowing simplified client configuration and processing without creating a single point of failure?
A. Proxy ARP
C. Dynamic Routing Protocol

Correct Answer: D
You have just configured HSRP group 10 in vour network, Which MAC address will your default gateway use?
A. 0000.5E00.010a
B. 0000.0c07.ac0a
C. 0000.0c07.0110
D. 000.0cac.070a

Correct Answer: B