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Exam Code: 1Y0-351
Exam Name: Citrix NetScaler 10.5 Essentials for Networking
Updated: Aug 27, 2017
Q&As: 289

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A 1Y0-351 dumps network engineer needs to upgrade both appliances of a High Availability (HA) pair.
In which order should the network engineer upgrade the appliances?
A. Disable high availability and upgrade one node at a time.
B. Upgrade the primary node first without disabling high availability.
C. Upgrade the secondary node first without disabling high availability.
D. Perform the upgrade simultaneously without disabling high availability.
 Correct Answer: C
Scenario: A network engineer is managing a NetScaler environment that has two NetScaler devices
running as a high availability pair. The engineer must upgrade the current version from NetScaler 9 to
NetScaler 10.5.
Which action must the engineer take?
A. Upgrade the primary node and perform HA sync.
B. Upgrade the secondary node and then upgrade the primary node.
C. Upgrade the primary node and then upgrade the secondary node.
D. Break the high availability pair, upgrade each NetScaler device, and then reconfigure high availability.
Correct Answer: B
An engineer has two NetScaler devices in two different datacenters and wants to create a high availability
(HA) pair with the two devices, even though they are on two different subnets. How can the engineer
configure the HA Pair between the two NetScaler devices?
A. Configure StaySecondary on the second datacenter appliance.
B. Ensure that INC mode is enabled during the creation of the HA Pair.
C. Enable the HAMonitors on all interfaces after the HA Pair has been created.
D. Change the NSIP of the second appliance to be on the same subnet as the first appliance.
1Y0-351 exam Correct Answer: B
When a network engineer logs onto a new NetScaler device in the London datacenter, data output
indicates that the device is NOT configured for the local time.
How can the network engineer synchronize the correct time with an NTP server in the local data center?
A. Configure the correct time from the GUI and restart.
B. Modify the ntp.conf and rc.netscaler files and restart.
C. Logon using the nsrecover/nsroot credentials and restart.
D. Configure the NetScaler as a secondary NTP server and restart.
Correct Answer: B
Scenario: The NetScaler has connections to a large number of VPNs. The network engineer wants to
minimize the number of ARP requests.
Which feature should the network engineer enable to minimize ARP requests?

A. TCP Buffering
B. Use Source IP
C. Edge Configuration
D. MAC based forwarding
1Y0-351 pdf Correct Answer: D
A network engineer has configured two NetScaler MPX appliances as a high availability (HA) pair.
What can the engineer configure to prevent failover if only a single interface fails?
Correct Answer: A
Scenario: A NetScaler appliance currently has a manually configured channel containing four interfaces;
however, the engineer has been told that the NetScaler must now only use a single interface for this
network. The engineer removes the channel and immediately notices a decrease in network performance.
How could the engineer resolve this issue?
A. Reset the unused interfaces
B. Disable the unused interfaces
C. Enable flow control on all interfaces
D. Disable HA monitoring on the three interfaces that are no longer required
1Y0-351 vce Correct Answer: B
Scenario: A NetScaler engineer needs to enable access to some web servers running on an IPv6- only
network. The clients connecting the services are on an IPv4 network. The engineer has already enabled
IPv6 on the NetScaler.
What does the engineer need to do in order to provide access to the services on the IPv6 network?
A. Create an IPv6 tunnel and a IPv4 virtual server.
B. Configure an IPv6 VLAN and bind the required interface.
C. Create a IPv4 virtual server and bind the service group to it.
D. Create an IPv6 ACL and a IPv4 virtual server and bind the ACL to the virtual server.
Correct Answer: C
Scenario: A network engineer created an IPv6 virtual server on the NetScaler. The virtual server is using a
service group with two IPv4 servers bound to it. When testing access to the 1Y0-351 dumps virtual server from a client
configured with an IPv6 address, he is unable to connect.
What could be the reason for this issue?
A. The NetScaler is disabled for NAT.
B. IPv6 protocol translation is disabled.
C. An IPv6 address on the NetScaler is not bound to the correct VLAN.
D. The NetScaler does not have an INAT rule to convert IPv4 to IPv6 from the back-end servers.

Correct Answer: B
Scenario: An engineer executes the following commands:
add vlan 2
bind vlan 2 -ifnum 1/2
add ns ip
bind vlan 2 -IPAddress
What type of IP address has been added to the NetScaler?
A. VIP address
B. NSIP address
C. SNIP address
D. GSLB Site IP address
Correct Answer: C
Scenario: For security reasons, the NSIP needs to be configured to only be accessible on interface 0/1,
which is VLAN 300.
The NSIP address is and the subnet mask is
How would the network engineer achieve this configuration?
A. set ns config -nsvlan 300 -ifnum 0/1
B. set ns ip -gui ENABLED -vrID 300
C. add vlan 300
set ns ip -mgmtAccess ENABLED
D. set ns config -IPAddress -netmask
1Y0-351 exam Correct Answer: A
Why would an engineer want to specify a TCP Profile for a specific service group?
A. To enable use of features like SSL over TCP for that specific service group.
B. To adjust the TCP settings for traffic to and from that specific service group.
C. To use a specific SNIP for traffic to the back-end servers in that service group.
D. To enable features like use source IP, TCP keep alive and TCP buffering for a specific service group.
Correct Answer: B
A network engineer wants to optimize a published load balanced SSL virtual server for WAN connection
with long delay, high bandwidth with minimal packet drops.
What would the network engineer use to do this type of optimization for the SSL virtual server?
A. SSL policy
B. TCP profile
C. Compression policy
D. Priority queuing policy
1Y0-351 pdf Correct Answer: B

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