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As an experienced Network Engineer, you are required to implement the security architecture assessment. Which of the following statement describes the most important reason for that?
A. Create a design specification document.
B. Integrate routing and switching components.
C. Document power and UPS availability
D. Document the customer’s current and future technology projects.
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 51
A Catalyst switch has just been installed and configured, and is not working as expected. You have decided to capture multiple show command outputs to study. Which one command could you use that includes the output of many other show commands, such as show version and show running-config?
A. show configuration
B. show memory
C. show stacks
D. show tech-support
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 52
On a Cisco Catalyst 4500 Series, the fail LED is lit for one if its two power supplies. Which command would you use to check on this problem ?
A. Show module
B. Show errdisable detect
C. Show environment
D. Show diagnostic content
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 53
Assuming that an IP packet is sent from a source address in VLAN1 to a destination address in VLAN2 through a layer-3 switch, which part of the packet will be changed?
A. Layer 2 TTL
B. Layer 3 TTL
C. Layer 3 source address
D. Layer 3 destination address
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 54
You are troubleshooting an issue which is causing full-sized packets entering the MPLS cloud be dropped. You have discovered that one of the switches in the MPLS core is not a Cisco switch, but otherwise the MPLS MTU size is set to 1508 bytes on the routers. Based on this information, which of these may be the reason the packets are being dropped?
A. The switch on you MPLS core that was not produced by Cisco does not support oversized packets
B. No switches support oversized packets
C. By definition, the maximum MTU is 1500 bytes
D. As MPLS VPN labeling increases the size of the packet by 8 bytes, the IP MTU should have been changed to 1508
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 55
You are an experienced network administrator in an international company. During your working hours, customers complain that they experience intermittent data loss and they intermittently fail to connect to crucial servers. As shown in the following topology, the 802.1Q trunk between DSW111 and ASW1 fails. Though DSW112 is in the service of HSRP group 11, the SVI for VLAN 11 is up on DSW111. So as to figure out the problem, which three commands should you issue on DSW111? (Choose three.)

A. show standby vlan 11 brief
B. show interfaces vlan 11
C. show spanning-tree vlan 11
D. show interfaces <fast | gig> mod/port trunk

Correct Answer: BCD
Which one of these class maps was configured to match traffic for CS5?
A. CIS 1# show class-map forward Class map match-all forward ( id 3) Match ip dscp 18
B. CIS1#show access-map block Class map match-all block (id 4) Match ip dscp 43
C. CIS1# show class-map real-time Class map match-all block (id 5) Match ip dscp 16
D. CIS 1# show class-map pass Class map match-all real-time (id 2) Match ip dscp 40
Correct Answer: D
Which of the following can we draw from the given information concerning the class-map “all-traffic”?

A. The class-map “all-traffic” will match all traffic with ip precedence 4 and 5
B. The class-map “all-traffic” will match all traffic with dscp 18 or dscp 43
C. The class-map “all-traffic” will match all traffic with ip precedence 0 or 1
D. The class-map “all-traffic” will match all traffic with dscp 18 and dscp 43
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 58
How does NTP help you troubleshoot network problems?
A. By calculating the time offset from the GPS or atomic clock
B. By setting the router clock to the default value if the router can’t connect to a time server
C. By setting all network devices to the correct time
D. By setting necessary time date in the timestamp information
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 59
Which version of NTP was the first to support cryptographic authentication?
A. Version 1
B. Version 5
C. Version 4
D. Version 3

Correct Answer: D QUESTION 60
Which of these tools should you use to compress VoIP packets on a low-speed Frame Replay circuit?
A. Cisco Proprietary payload compression
B. Predictor payload compression
C. RTP header compression
D. TCP header compression
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 61
The router SIS-R has been configured in a CIS network. As a network administrator, you were required to enable MPLS on that router. Which of the following description is making sense on the basis of the output information?

A. CEF switching is only needed to forward labeled packets.
B. CEF switching is needed on both ingress and egress interfaces on which MPLS is enabled.
C. Interface-level CEF switching is needed only on egress interfaces that are sending IP packets on which the egress LSR performs the label imposition process.
D. Interface-level CEF switching is needed only on ingress interfaces that are receiving IP packets on which the ingress LSR performs the label imposition process.

Correct Answer: D
When EIGRP is used as the PE-CE routing protocol which of these statements is correct?
A. EIGRP can be used only as the PE-CE routing protocol if the PE and CE routers are in the same AS
B. Other EIGRP AS routes are automatically advertised to the CE router and do not require a redistribution configuration command to be configured
C. Unlike other routing protocols that are used between PE and CE routers, EIGRP supports backdoor links
D. Configure of the VPN is only required on the PE router
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 63
When BGP is used as the PE-CE routing protocol, which of these statements is correct?
A. On the CE router, PE neighbors must be configured in the VRF context on the CE router
B. On PE routers, the CE IBGP neighbors are configured in the global BGP configuration
C. On PE routers, the CE EBGP neighbors are configured in the VRF context
D. A separate BGP process must be used on the PE routers for CE routers so that they do not use the same BGP routing process as that used for the PE router’s other provider neighbors
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 64
Refer to the following topology. RIP routing protocol has been configured on Customer Edge and Provider Edge routers. Which of the following description is making sense on the basis of the given information?

A. Though RIPv2 is specified in the configuration, any version of RIP supports VRFs.
B. Though preferred, it is not necessary that the RIP parameters be specified in the VRF.
C. On the receiving end, the RIP hop count is copied into a BGP extended community attribute.
D. On the sending end, the RIP hop count is copied into the BGP multi-exit discriminator attribute.

Correct Answer: D
When implementing MPLS VPNs between CE and PE routers, which of these statements is correct?
As a Network Engineer, it is necessary for you to know how to implement MPLS VPNs between Customer
Edge and Provider Edge routers. Refer to the following descriptions, which one is making sense?

A. If using OSPF or EIGRP as the PE-CE routing protocol, redistribution is not required, but any other protocol or static route will require redistribution
B. If using IS-IS as the PE-CE routing protocol, no redistribution is required
C. If using static routes between the CE and PE routers, no redistribution of other VPN routes is required
D. If PE-CE protocol is not BGP, redistribution of other VPN routes from MP-BGP is required

Correct Answer: D
As a network administrator, you are required to deploy MPLS technology. During the deployment, it is recommended to apply conditional label advertising. What is most probably the reason for that?
A. to enable label switching on the frame mode interface
B. to restrict MPLS availability to predefined time periods
C. to restrict end users from seeing the routers in the MPLS network
D. to restrict label switching to a limited number of networks
E. to restrict end users from seeing the routers in the MPLS network

Correct Answer: D
You are working with CIS .com. who has identified the following IP applications on their network: IP voice and voice signaling, streaming video, PeopleSoft, Microsoft SQL, e-mail, and Internet traffic. If the voice traffic was classified as EF and AF31, the e-mail was classified as AF11, and the Internet traffic was classified as DSCP 0, how would the transactional traffic represented as PeopleSoft and Microsoft SQL be classified?
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 68
As an experienced technician, you are responsible forT echnical Support in your company. One of the trainee implement RIP routing contests in MPLS VPN. How to respond?
A. Routing contexts are implemented in a single routing process.
B. Routing contexts are implemented using multiple roubng processes.
C. Routing contexts are implemented as a single instance of several routing processes.
D. Routing contexts are implemented as several instances of a single routing process.
Correct Answer: D QUESTION 69
With respect to a computer file system, an access control list (ACL) is a list of permissions attached to an object. Which of the following makes forwarding decisions in hardware?

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 70
What are two requirements to perform a warm Cisco IOS upgrade on a Cisco ISR router? (Choose two.)
A. at least one enabled Ethernet interface
B. Cisco IOS version 12.3(2)T or greater
C. enough memory to decompress the new Cisco IOS image
D. internal flash memory equaling two times the space required for the current Cisco IOS image
Correct Answer: BC QUESTION 71
As a Network Engineer, you have to master how to deploy Virtual Storage Area Network and what are the results of the deployment. Which two of the following are resulting from its deployment?
A. reduced backup
B. increased security
C. greater storage demand
D. improved availability
Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 72
As an experienced technician, you are responsible for Technical Support in your company. One of the trainees is asking you how to create separate networks on one Storage Area Network so as to provide enhanced availability, security, etc. Which of the following solution will enable that?
A. Cisco Direct Attached Storage
B. Cisco Virtual Attached Storage Network
C. Cisco Virtual Storage Area Network
D. Cisco Direct Storage Area Network
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 73
As a Cisco Network Engineer, you have to master the knowledge of the Cisco Storage Area Network solution for the data center. Which three of the following are features of it? (Choose three.)
A. It provides multiprotocol support.
B. It allows you to create separate networks on the VSAN.
C. It allows you to migrate to new technologies without a complete equipment upgrade.
D. It reduces cost and complexity by providing an easy transition to evolving technologies.
Correct Answer: ACD QUESTION 74
Onboard USB 1.1 ports of the Cisco 800, 1800, 2800, and 3800 Series ISRs can be used to enable important security and storage capabilities.
A. True
B. False

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 75
As an experienced Network Engineer, you are required to characterize an existing CIS network. In such a situation, what is the last step to take?
A. Perform a network audit.
B. Form an impression about the network.
C. Use traffic analysis to augment organizational input.
D. Prepare and add to the network description.
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 76
As a Network Engineer in a large-sized company, you have to master the knowledge of the Cisco mobility solution. Which of the following statement most appropriately identifies the characteristics of it?
A. It provides high-level integrated security from the wireless access point to the client and automatically encrypts voice and data in transit.
B. It allows you to centralize management, automate repetitive tasks, and provision IP services easily.
C. It centralizes your infrastructure and allows you to share resources more effectively by combining separate data centers into an interconnected SAN.
D. It authenticates users and devices so that it is impossible for a rogue device to be connected to the network.
Correct Answer: A QUESTION 77
You are configuring the Cisco IOS Firewall Websense URL Filtering feature set on a Cisco 3800 Series ISR. What would the Cisco IOS command ip urlfilter exclusive-domain permit do?
A. Specifies the URL for the location of the Firewall Websense URL filtering server.
B. Specifies the only domain for which traffic should be allowed.
C. Specifies the domain for which the firewall should permit traffic without sending lookup requests.
D. Specifies that the designated domain receives exclusive traffic priorities.
Correct Answer: C QUESTION 78
As an experienced network administrator, you are asked to troubleshoot a QoS problem. In which way might the Cisco NetFlow be helpful during the troubleshooting process?
A. NetFlow can discover the protocols in use and automatically adjust QoS traffic classes to meet policy-map requirements.
B. NetFlow records can be used to understand traffic profiles per class of service for data, voice, and video traffic.
C. NetFlow can be configured to identify voice and video traffic flows and place them into a low-latency queue for expedited processing.
D. NetFlow can report on the number of traffic matches for each class map in a configured QoS policy configuration.
Correct Answer: B QUESTION 79
How many subnets are possible in an enterprise that has just been assigned an IPv6 prefix by its ISP?
A. 65536
B. 256
C. 1024
D. 16777216

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 80
As a network administrator, you are required to configure a switch port for a private Virtual LAN. In such a situation, which three of the following connection modes will be available during the configuration process? (Choose three.)
A. isolated mode
B. modular mode
C. community mode
D. promiscuous mode
E. non-isolated
F. permanent
Correct Answer: ACD QUESTION 81
Which three of these items are found within the router advertisement message of IPv6 stateless autoconfiguration? (Choose three.)
A. flags indicating the kind of autoconfiguration that can be done by hosts
B. default router information
C. /64 prefix that can be used on the link and the lifetime of the prefix
D. IPv6 DHCP server address information

Correct Answer: ABC QUESTION 82
You are working with a client to classify the different types of application traffic they will have on their network and to assign a QoS value to each traffic flow. The client has identified the following applications: Internet traffic, Oracle, network-based backups, AOL Instant Messenger, IP routing, voice, and voice signaling. Given these types of applications, how many different classes will need to be configured in QoS?
A. 8
B. 6
C. 9
D. 5

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 83
CIS .com recently acquired a smaller competitor. The acquired company is not currently using Cisco routers, so you have connected the two WANs via an authenticated PPP link. After configuration both routers, issuing the show interface s0/0 command on the Cisco Router shows the interface to be in the up/ down state. Which two of these are possible causes? (Choose two.)
A. Bandwidth statements do not match
B. MTUs do not match
C. IP Addresses are not in the same subnet
D. CHAP passwords do not match
Correct Answer: BD QUESTION 84
What is the purpose of IP Event Dampening?
A. to configure a subinterface so that it can be applied to the primary interface in order to prevent exponential selective dampening
B. to suppress the effects of excessive interface flapping events on routing protocols and routing tables in the network
C. to introduce a nonconfigurable exponential delay mechanism
D. to allow the network operator to configure a router to automatically dampen and selectively identify a local interface that is failing

Correct Answer: D
Which two of the following actions must an OSPF NSF-capable router execute after a supervisor engine switchover? (Choose two.)
A. Re-learn the available OSPF neighbors with neighbor relationship restart
B. Send the graceful restart message
C. Re-acquire the link state database content for the network
D. Re-learn the available OSPF neighbors without neighbor relationship restart
Correct Answer: CD QUESTION 86
What is a new feature of the Cisco ISR router?
A. advanced integration module
B. FICON ports
C. Cisco CallManager 5.0 support
D. warm Cisco IOS upgrade feature
Correct Answer: D

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