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Calls to an ICD queue should reserve an available agent and connect the call after a database lookup is performed. How should the script be configured to accomplish this?
A. Set the Resource Step Connect option to No and perform a Connect after the database lookup is completed.
B. Issue a Call Hold after the Resource Step selects an agent and release the hold after the database lookup is completed.
C. Issue a Queue Step followed by the database lookup and a Reource Step.
D. Issue a Queue Step followed by the database lookup and a Dequeue Step.

Correct Answer: A QUESTION 86
A Unity server is being deployed in a dual integration with CallManager and a PBX. The PBX integration will utilize a PBXLink. Which two of the following statements are true? (Choose 2)
A. The CallManager integration must be completed first.
B. PCI voice cards are not required for the Unity server.
C. Each PBXLink port will connect to an analog port in the PBX.
D. The PBX and the PBXLink must be co-located.
E. The PBXLink will communicate with Unity using SMDI.

Correct Answer: DE QUESTION 87
What subsystems must be in service to enable speech recognition for the AA script? (Choose 2)
E. Database

Correct Answer: AB QUESTION 88
What is the purpose of CAC on a converged network?
A. To ensure that a new voice call does not degrade existing voice calls on a time division multiplexed circuit.
B. To ensure that a new voice call does not degrade existing voice calls on a statistically multiplexed circuit.
C. To ensure that a new voice call does not degrade existing data flows on a time division multiplexed circuit.
D. To ensure that a new voice call does not degrade existing data flows on a statistically multiplexed circuit.

Correct Answer: B QUESTION 89
Unity extensions will increase the Active Directory size by approximately what percent?
B. 10
C. 15
D. 20

Correct Answer: B
In a centralized call processing environment there are three sites, HQ, Site A and Site B that connect over an IP WAN. Each site will use G.711 internally and G.729 between sites.
Which two tasks need to be completed to support locations for this solution? (Choose 2)
A. Two regions will need to be configured for each site, one for the internal codec type and one for the IP WAN codec.
B. One region will be required for each site.
C. Each site will require a device pool that specifies the site name in the region.
D. Each site will require a region that assigns all devices to a device pool.
E. All sites will become a member of a single region with specific device pools for each site.

Correct Answer: BC
Which ports must be opened on an IOS firewall to allow successful H.225 RAS (Registration, Admission, and Status) message exchanges between an IOS gatekeeper and IOS H.323 gateways?
A. TCP 1718 and TCP 1719
B. UDP 1718 and TCP 1719
C. UDP 1718 and UDP 1719
D. UDP 1719 and UDP 1720
E. TCP 1718 and TCP 1720

Correct Answer: C
Which of the following best describes how MWI is accomplished when integrating Unity with multiple CallManager Express systems?
A. Each CallManager Express system is defined as a CallManager cluster in the Unity server. The Unity server sends MWI to the appropriate CallManager Express systems based on the cluster definition.
B. The Unity server sends MWI to all CallManager Express systems. The appropriate CallManager Express system processes the MWI and the other CallManager Express systems discard the MWI.
C. One CallManager Express system is configured as a SIP MWI server and relays MWI messages to the other CallManager Express systems.
D. One CallManager Express system is configured as a CallManager in the Unity server and relays MWI messages to the other CallManager Express systems using SCCP.
Correct Answer: C
Which two ways are customized phone services subscribed to? (Choose 2)
A. The CallManager administrator uses the Cisco IP Phone Services Configuration menu to define and maintain the list of Cisco IP Phone services to which users can subscribe at their site.
B. The CallManager administrator uses the Cisco IP Telephony Services Configuration menu to develop separate lists of users and services.
C. Users can log into the Cisco CallManager User Options Menu to subscribe to services already configured by the CallManager administrator.
D. Users can log into the Cisco CallManager User Options Menu and select the services they want to subscribe to and CallManager will automatically configure those services.
E. The CallManager administrator can add services to Cisco IP phones and device profiles.

Correct Answer: CE
Which of the following is NOT true about Multicast IGMP Snooping?
A. When a host in a multicast group sends a IGMP leave message, only that port is deleted from the multicast group.
B. An IP multicast stream to the IP host can only be stopped by an IGMP Leave message.
C. IGMP snooping requires the LAN switch to examine, or snoop, some Layer 3 information in the IGMP packets sent between the hosts and the router.
D. When the switch hears the IGMP host report from a host for a particular multicast group, the switch adds the host’s port number to the associated multicast table entry.
E. Because IGMP control messages are transmitted as multicast packets, they are indistinguishable from multicast data at Layer 2.
F. A switch running IGMP snooping examine every multicast data packet to check whether it contains any pertinent IGMP must control information.

Correct Answer: B
Which function does CTI Manager provide for a CallManager cluster?
A. The CTI Manager and Cisco TSP provide TAPI applications access to CallManager resources and functionality without being aware of a specific CallManager.
B. When a Cisco CallManager node fails, the CTI Manager recovers the affected JTAPI ports and route points.
C. The CTI Manager and Cisco TSP provide both TAPI and JTAPI application access to specific CallManager servers in a cluster.
D. When a Cisco TAPI application fails, the CTI Manager closes the provider and calls at JTAPI ports and route points that have not yet been terminated get redirected to the Call Forward On Failure (CFF) number that has been configured for them.

Correct Answer: A
Company CADORNA’s INC. is planning a deployment of Cisco IP Telephony using the Centralized Call Processing model, using Cisco CallManager 4.1(3). The company has 1 HQ and 25 branches interconnected with an MPLS network that provides “full-mesh” connectivity between all sites. Which of the following statements is NOT true?
A. This topology implies that, from an IP routing perspective on the enterprise side of the network, each site is one IP hop away from all other sites.
B. From the Cisco CallManager’s call admission control perspective, a service-provider IP WAN service based on MPLS is in reality equivalent to a hub-and-spoke topology without a hub site.
C. This configuration requires that call admission control be performed on the central site link independently of the branch links.
D. The Cisco CallManager Servers need to be aware of the underlying MPLS network by setting the appropriate Enterprise Parameters.
E. All of the above statements are true.

Correct Answer: D
Consider the exhibit. Based on the configuration shown, what digit pattern will the Voicemail server see if there is no answer when IP phone B is called from phone A? (Note: Assume that the CallManager Servers have become unreachable, and therefore the IP Phones are in SRST mode and have registered to the Gateway with the shown configuration.)

A. 52000*1000*
B. 72000*1000*
C. 42000*1000*
D. 21000*
E. 62000*1000*

Correct Answer: A
Which Service Parameter would you select to change the TCP ports used for collecting real-time information within a CallManager cluster?
A. Cisco CallManager service
B. Cisco Database Layer Monitor service
C. Cisco Extended Functions service
D. Cisco RIS Data Collector service
E. Cisco Serviceability Reporter service

Correct Answer: D
In a CallManager 4.x server, if the clocks on both systems need to be synchronized, which of the following commands will accomplish this task?
A. ntpset
B. ntpdate
C. ntpclock
D. timeset
E. only ntp

Correct Answer: B

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